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Cliptrans is a fast and easy to use language translation utility.
Cliptrans provides you about 800 different language options depending on the selected translation service. Cliptrans uses the famous translation services available on the internet like

The ability to use different translation services provides you a kind of "fail safe" in case your favorite translation service is not available or hardly used at the moment.

Cliptans Quick Notes

What's new in Verion 2.0
1. PROMT translation service included
2. Translated.NET translation service included
3. Autocompete Comboboxes for language options
4. Grouped language option menus, for quick select
5. .NET Framework 2.0 based

Provided Language Options by Translation Service
Babelfish Translator provides 19 language options.
Google Translator provides 20 language options.
InterTran Translator provides 812 language options
PROMT Tranlator provides 24 language options
Systran Translator provides 36 language options.
Translated.NET Translator provides 210 language options.
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