Dynamic IP Update provides Dynamic DNS for your IP adress. Dynamically update automatic your dynamic IP address with Dynamic IP Update. Using a dynamic DNS service to automatically update your dynamic ip address. It is an automatic dynamic dns update for your ip address. Configure you dynamic IP update client.
Dynamic IP Update
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Key Features and Benefits

Unlimited DNS Service Accounts
You can add as many DNS Service Accounts as you like. In case of one dynamic DNS Service Provider is not available, you simply use the registered host name of a second or third dynamic DNS Service Provider, which is available, to access your computer.

Reliable and high available Windows Service
Dynamic IP Update runs as a reliable, managed Windows Service. This means, you do not have to take care about it. It starts automatically when Windows start without the need to log on a user. So in case of powerloss of your computer and automatic reboot Dynamic IP Update will be available.

Password encryption of your dynamic DNS Service Account
The configuration including your logon details for you dynamic DNS Service Accounts are stored in configuration files on your computer's harddrive. The passwords are secured with strong encryption.

Logging to Windows Event Log
Dynamic IP Update uses Windows' infrastructure, to tell you what's going on. Every change of your computers external IP address is written to Windows event log. You will also be notified on succeeded or failed update requests to the dynamic DNS service through Windows event log.

Customize option for further dynamic DNS Servic Providers
If you want to use your favorite dynamic DNS Service Provider, which is not natively implemented in Dynamic IP Update you can use the custom options to build up the URL for the ip update request to your dynamic DNS Sevice Provider. You simpliy use a templated URL.Placeholders in the templated URL are replaced at runtime by your values for your registered hostname and your account details.

Support for newest Microsoft operating systems and 64-bit
Dynamic IP Update ist tested and has qualified for the upcomming Microsoft operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2). Dynamic IP Update is available as easy installation package for Windows x64 operating systems (64-bit).

Easy and straight forward product
Updating an IP address at a dynamic dns service provider is a light weight action which should happen seamlessly in the background. This does not need an over-featured software with lots of megabytes. Dynamic IP Update is a small footprint windows service, straight forward in its task. Install and forget about, it simply works reliable!